FixTite™-S is a tapered core dental implant with a unique spiral triple-lead thread and triple vertical flutes design.

FixTite™-S has three major advantages:

FixTite™-S features a unique triple-lead thread design with 3.6mm (3×1.2mm) pitch. This design allows improved self drilling, selfcutting and a very fast implant insertion.

A simple surgical procedure and drilling protocol based on three and two step drills sets the stage for accurate implant positioning.
Each FixTite™-S implant features a 2.4mm internal hex connection regardless of its diameter.
This single prosthetic platform significantly simplifies the restoration.

FixTite™-S has a conical core, spiral thread and triple vertical flutes design which creates immediate stability, also in type IV bone.
The design contributes to balanced load distribution and reduces bone pressure with minimal invasive surgery.
FixTite™-S features a trapezoid thread and AB/AE surface treatment for accelerated osseointegration and increased BIC (Bone to Implant Contact).

FixTite™-S features:

  • Triple-lead thread design with 3.6 (3×1.2mm) pitch
  • Trapezoid thread, optimal space for a clot of blood
  • Single restorative platform, regardless of diameter, with built-in platform switching
  • AB/AE surface treatment – a 98.7% implant survival rate (data on file)
  • Flat apex for improved insertion and placement
  • Improved self-drilling and self-cutting
  • Three vertical flutes
Length Diameter 6.25mm 8mm 10mm 11.5mm 13mm 16mm 18mm
3.5mm 35081 35101 35111 35131 35161 35181
3.75mm 37081 37101 37111 37131 37161 37181
4.2mm 42061 42081 42101 42111 42131 42161 42181
5.0mm 50061 50081 50101 50111 50131 50161
6.0mm 60061 60081 60101 60111 60131 60161
  • Ø 3.5
  • Ø 3.75
  • Ø 4.2
  • Ø 5.0
  • Ø 6.0