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Manufactures and distributes dental implant systems, restorative components, surgical and prosthetic tools and accessories. Founded in 1992, Medigma has been providing dentists and dental technicians with innovative solutions.

Medigma’s product lines are known for their high precision and user-friendly features. The professional team constantly ensures the production of technologically advanced, high-quality products. Medigma works closely with the industry’s dental professionals, surgeons, technicians, in both private and public sectors, in order to provide customers with up-to-date industry solutions, knowledge and tools.

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Our Best Products

Medigma aspires to provide an assortment of high-quality products and innovative solutions that meets the needs of our customers with uncompromised service and reasonable prices and to develop, produce and market the highest quality of dental implant products and services.

Internal Hex

A tapered implant with a spiral tap that condenses the bone during placement for immediate stability. It has two large variable threads and a tapered design for accurate implant placement
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Conical Connection

Strong and solid conical-hex connection, minimizes micro movements between the implant and abutment, enabling implants to be used in all indications and regions, in the lower and the upper jaw
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Digital Dentisry

Digital dentistry involves the use of dental technology or devices which use computer-based or digital components. Computer-based technology enables dental practices to further enhance patient care.
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Surgical Kits & Tools

Surgical kits and tools to assure smooth and accurate surgical procedures. A wide variety and high-quality of products: drills, prosthetics tools, ratchets, insertion tools Etc.
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For your convenience, all of Medigma’s products and solution are in our on-line catalog. Hope you’ll find exactly the product you’re looking for.

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