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Fix-A-Dent™ Straight Implant System

The Fix-A-Dent™ implant is a straight, parallel-walled, slightly tapered implant, with a V-shaped thread design.
Its design allows for accurate positioning to improve esthetics and to better load distribution.

The Fix-A-Dent™ features AB/AE (Alumina-Oxide Blasted / Acid-Etched) surface treatment.

Fix-A-Dent™ features:

  • Double-lead short pitch thread design (2×0.6mm)
  • Good control during placement
  • Self-tapping
  • Good stress distribution and primary stability
  • Classic macro-geometry, the most scientifically documented
  • Single restorative / prosthetic platform for easy restoration
Length Diameter6.25mm8mm10mm11.5mm13mm16mm18mm
3.3mm  STA-3310STA-3311STA-3313STA-3316STA-3318
3.75mm STA-3708STA-3710STA-3711STA-3713STA-3719STA-3718
  • Ø 3.3
  • Ø 3.75
  • Ø 4.2
  • Ø 5.0
  • Ø 6.0