Fix-1™ One Piece Implant System

The Fix-1™ is a tapered core spiral implant.
It is as easy to use as regular crown and bridge dentistry.

Fix-1™ features:

  • Minimally invasive surgery in narrow diameter implants
  • Immediate function/loading
  • Designed for narrow places
  • Offers fast and easy flapless procedure
  • Fix-1™ implants with narrow diameters are highly suitable
  • Replacements for laterals in the maxilla and incisors in the mandible
Length Diameter 10mm 11.5mm 13mm 15mm
3.0mm FO-3010 FO-3011 FO-3013 FO-3015
3.3mm FO-3310 FO-3311 FO-3313 FO-3315
3.6mm FO-3610 FO-3611 FO-3613 FO-3615
4.2mm FO-4210 FO-4211 FO-4213 FO-4215
5.0mm FO-5010 FO-5011 FO-5013 FO-5015
  • Ø 3.0
  • Ø 3.3
  • Ø 3.6
  • Ø 4.2
  • Ø 5.0