Guided Surgery Tools Kit

MB Guided Surgery Tools Kit

IHX Implants

Medigma Guide implant Insertion Kits are specific to standard Internal Hex implant platform type and features implant insertion tools for implant placement by hand, ratchet or hand-piece through the guide:
– Ergonomically designed placement driver.
– Wrench ratchet.
– Fixture mounts for use with mount-less implants.
– Drills for anchoring screws, to fix the stent on the patient’s jaw.
– Extensions tools.

Kit Contents:

MGST0027 Guide Fixation Screw Driver

MGST0035 Extraction Tool

MGST0010 Ratchet 4mm Hex

MGST0036 Extraction Tool Spanner

MGSD1917 Anchoring Drill S-2.0, 2.0/1.7mmDx19mmL

MGST0023 Manual Socket L10.5

MGSD1915 Anchoring Drill S-2.0, 2.0/1.5mmDx19mmL

MGST0024 Manual Socket L14.5

MGST0028 Handpiece Guide Fixation Screw Driver

MGST0021 Handpiece Socket L10.5

MGST0032 Handpiece Fixture Mount

MGST0022 Handpiece Socket L14.5

MGST0034 Grip Fixture Mount

MGST0029 Screw Fixture Mount

* Not for scale
* Availability of the products in some places is limited and depends on local regulation.
For more information, please contact your local representative.