Guided Surgery Drills Kit

Guided Surgery Drills Kit


MB Guide drills kit features Intelligent and logical drill layout, color coding with simple direction indicators for ease of use:
– Procedure advances from left to right.
– Each column is marked and color coded for a specific drill and implant diameter.
– Each row is marked for a specific length.
– Indications arrows for direction of workflow.

The kit also features:
– Pilot drill with a built-in reamer for flattening bone.
– Self-centering drills with built-in stoppers.
– Tissue Punch for cutting through soft tissue.

Kit Contents:

MGSD5055 Tissue Punch 5.0mmD, S-5.5

MGSD0625 Pilot Drill S-5.5, 2.5/1.8mmDx6.0mmL

MGSD0638 Drill S-5.5, 3.85/3.2mmDx6.25mmL

MGSD0825 Drill S-5.5, 2.5/1.8mmDx8.0mmL

MGSD0838 Drill S-5.5, 3.85/3.2mmDx8.0mmL

MGSD1025 Drill S-5.5, 2.5/1.8mmDx10.0mmL

MGSD1038 Drill S-5.5, 3.85/3.2mmDx10.0mmL

MGSD1125 Drill S-5.5, 2.5/1.8mmDx11.5mmL

MGSD1138 Drill S-5.5, 3.85/3.2mmDx11.5mmL

MGSD1325 Drill S-5.5, 2.5/1.8mmDx13.0mmL

MGSD1338 Drill S-5.5, 3.85/3.2mmDx13.0mmL

MGSD1625 Drill S-5.5, 2.5/1.8mmDx16.0mmL

MGSD1638 Drill S-5.5, 3.85/3.2mmDx16.0mmL

MGSD0632 Drill S-5.5, 3.2/2.5mmDx6.25mmL

MGSD0646 Drill S-5.5, 4.6/3.85mmDx6.25mmL

MGSD0832 Drill S-5.5, 3.2/2.5mmDx8.0mmL

MGSD0846 Drill S-5.5, 4.6/3.85mmDx8.0mmL

MGSD1032 Drill S-5.5, 3.2/2.5mmDx10.0mmL

MGSD1046 Drill S-5.5, 4.6/3.85mmDx10.0mmL

MGSD1132 Drill S-5.5, 3.2/2.5mmDx11.5mmL

MGSD1146 Drill S-5.5, 4.6/3.85mmDx11.5mmL

MGSD1332 Drill S-5.5, 3.2/2.5mmDx13.0mmL

MGSD1346 Drill S-5.5, 4.6/3.85mmDx13.0mmL

MGSD1632 Drill S-5.5, 3.2/2.5mmDx16.0mmL

MGSD1646 Drill S-5.5, 4.6/3.85mmDx16.0mmL

* Not for scale
* Availability of the products in some places is limited and depends on local regulation.
For more information, please contact your local representative.