Medigma Warranty

A Sense of Security for You & Your Patients

Medigma Biomedical agrees to replace any dental implant or abutment manufactured by Medigma, for a period of a lifetime.

Medigma dental implants and other products are part of an overall concept, and may be used only in conjunction with the corresponding original components and instruments, according to Medigma’s instructions and recommendations.

Use of products made by third parties, which are not distributed through Medigma Biomedical, in conjunction with the Medigma dental implant systems, will void any warranty or other obligation, expressed or implied, of Medigma. Instructions as to the application of our products take place verbally, in writing, by electronic media or in hands-on trainings, corresponding to the state-of-the-art at the time of introduction of the product.

The user of Medigma products is responsible for determining whether or not any product is suitable for a particular patient and/or circumstances. Medigma Biomedical disclaims any liability, expressed or implied, and bears no responsibility for any direct, indirect, punitive or other damages, arising out of or in connection with any errors in professional judgment or practice, in the use or installation of Medigma products. The user is also obliged to study and understand the latest developments of Medigma’s dental implant systems and their applications regularly.

This limited warranty does not cover the cost of the surgical procedures and materials or tools and accessories used with the implant.